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Come mantenere la salute della schiena

Have you been experiencing back pain lately? If the answer is “yes” then you might want to check how and where you sit.


Come mantenersi fisicamente e mentalmente sani durante l'autunno

Brrr! Autumn is officially here and you can feel the nippy air everywhere. 

small space

Suggerimenti per la progettazione per un piccolo spazio

If you have been watching “Tiny House Nation” on Netflix, you know by now the efficiency of moving into a downsized home.

sit health

Come rimanere in salute anche se devi stare seduto alla scrivania tutto il giorno

Sitting all day is proven to be dangerous to your health. 


Poggiapiedi: l'accessorio essenziale di cui hai bisogno nel tuo ufficio a casa

Now the question is -- how do you show your care for legs and feet now? 


Come motivarti a fare esercizio

The pandemic changed fitness across the board. In the first few weeks of the shelter-at-home order, gyms shut down almost immediately. 

Home office color

Suggerimenti per la scelta del colore giusto per l'home office

Oh, colors. There are so many to choose from. They come in different hues and shades. As house paint, colors can relax or instantly brighten up a room.

home office

Cinque consigli per responsabilizzare le mamme lavoratrici che stanno a casa

When you work remotely, you have the freedom to choose your workstation. Having a flexible workspace is vital to stay productive as you get down to business.

working mom

Cinque consigli per responsabilizzare le mamme lavoratrici che stanno a casa

A working mom has to juggle many roles while working from home. Read on how to make things a little better when the current situation becomes burdensome.


Cinque motivi per cui hai bisogno di un umidificatore a casa

Do you have the right humidity level in your home? If not, you can always use a humidifier to maintain your home’s ideal humidity level and keep viruses at bay.